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Printable Cards!
I’ll be the first to tell ya that I love the convenience of being able send cards through email. I’m kinda lazy like that. But sometimes, an eCard doesn’t cut it, right? Sometimes we need something tangible that we can physically hand to another person. Did you know that we can do that too at MyFunCards?

The Printable Cards section is full of really great images and sentiments, not to mention that we, as card senders, finally have complete control of how the card turns out. That’s something that’s always bothered me about processed, store-bought cards. The MyFunCards printing sizes include Small, Medium, Large and a new option called “Avery,” which I’m excited to tell you is a great quality cardstock that works perfectly with MyFunCards Printable Cards! More >

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Brief Site Unavailability Tonight

Hey MyFunCards Friends,

Just a note to let you know that MyFunCards will be undergoing some maintenance tonight that will leave our site unavailable to you from 11pm to 2am (EST). We’re just working to speed up and improve your experience.

Also, if you have any cards scheduled during this time to be sent using our calendar feature, don’t worry. They’ll be sent as soon as the upgrade is complete!

We apologize for any inconvenience and we thank you for your patience!


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Announcing a New Character!

Awkward Arnold Audition Headquarters was like a zoo all morning today… bustling with lots of great activity! Last week, we advertised an open casting call in the fictional davila pharmacy character trades, risperdal asking turtles to try out for http://cialis7days-pharmacy.com/atrovent-price.php the role of our new character series, “Awkward Arnold.” The turnout was really incredible! The hallways were overrun with talented turtle actors buy zofran online – practicing their line, perfecting their gestures, nailing their stance. Of course, turtles are notoriously slow-moving. So, some of the more hustle-and-bustle types in the office got a little frustrated having to take the day at a more leisurely pace. Some of our other character actors even took a vested interest in who their new colleague’s likely to be. Jay’s actually created an office pool and is taking wagers on who’ll land the gig. More >

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