Printable ValentinesWith so much of the focus of Valentine’s Day being spent on Cupid’s arrow, soul mates and romantic gestures, it’s too easy to forget all of the other aspects of this day of sweetness.

Think back. Remember decorating your shoebox to make it a one-day mailbox? Remember secretly making sure your crush got the best card, but without coming on too strong? Kids all over will soon be going through the same adorable agony. That’s why we’ve tried to make it a little more fun for them and easier on you by creating some original, simply lovable Printable Valentines.

We’ve made four separate sheets with four distinct styles, each with three different designs on them for variety. All you have to do is load some paper and hit print. Once you’ve cut them out and the kids have filled in the names, there are tons of ways that they can personalize them even further. Get them a little glitter, ribbons, buttons, markers or whatever their imaginations can come up with to truly make the cards their own. You could even get some Avery label paper and print these valentines as stickers!

These cards are also just right for you to give to coworkers. Bake some tasty cupcakes or brownies, or just get some heart-shaped lollipops. Add these cute cards and deliver. You’re sure to be the office sweetie!