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Cute cures for the common cold

PB & Jay Get Well SoonSniffle, sniffle. Cough, cough. Siiiiiiigh.

Ugh! Is there anything worse than coming back from a fabulous vacation and finding that suddenly you’re sick!? Answer: yes. Because I don’t just feel absolutely yucky – like my head’s a balloon and there’s a gnome in my throat tickling it so I keep coughing. On top of it all, all my friends want to make sure they stay well. So, they’re staying far far away.

I don’t blame them, really. I’ve done the same thing. We’ve all got to take care of ourselves when the weather gets cold. I just didn’t expect to catch something like this out on a cruise ship, sailing through the toasty warm Caribbean.

On the bright side, I had an amazing vacation. And c’mon, who’s gonna feel sorry for someone who just spent a week in gorgeous places like Honduras and Mexico?

That said, if you do know someone that feels under the weather, we’ve got some great Get Well eCards you can send to cheer them up a bit. More >

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Zodiac Attack

SnarkiacIt’s normal to be extra sweet to someone on his or her birthday. We hug. We kiss. We give gifts and sing and eat cake. But what if that’s just not someone’s style?

We’ve all got that a-typical pal or loved-one who’s got a slightly twisted sense of humor. The dry, sarcastic one. The hilariously self-deprecating one. Giving that person a sentimental birthday card is just plain asking for trouble. So, we’ve created a series of cards just for them.

Spun off of all of the astrological signs’ common characteristics, each card wishes a happy birthday with a wink and a wicked grin.

Remember, if you’re a registered member of MyFunCards, you can schedule cards right now to be delivered whenever you choose. So even if you know the perfect Sagittarius to send one to, you don’t have to wait until next December to get it ready.


P.S. Warning: Not intended for anyone with sensitivity issues!

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Keep your resolution this year!

New Year's ResolutionsThis year you mean it, right?

New Year’s resolutions are a tricky business. We all make them with the very best of intentions. We think long and hard about who we are and who we’d like to be. We say “This year I will…” But then, life happens. And before we know it, we can’t even remember what we’ve resolved to do. This year, let’s all resolve to do whatever we can to keep our resolutions!

One way to keep yourself honest is to enlist your friends and family to help. Let them know you’re serious. Let them know their support will keep you on track. We’ve created a series of resolution cards for just this reason. Here’s what ya do:

First, find the card that fits your resolution. We’ve got specific cards if your resolution is to: More >

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Happy New Year!

Safe and HappyAnd so another year ends and a new one begins. Happy New Year!!!

We’ve watched the ball in Times Square descend. We’ve yelled “One!” We’ve sung “Auld Lang Syne” (at least the first verse, which is all some of us actually know). We’ve toasted. We’ve kissed and hugged. And now…

It’s funny how in the matter of seconds, a sense of infinite optimism seems to kick in. But, as the song goes, “Should old acquaintance be forgot?” No way! You, our old friends, will not be forgotten this year. We have a lot of great ideas already for the coming year, and we’re really looking forward to sharing them with you.

So, welcome to 2011, friends!


P.S. “We’ll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne!”

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