StormsI’ve always wished I was one of those people with a photographic memory or an encyclopedic mind. You know, someone who can rattle off stats without blinking twice or who can recall a year later exactly which email included specific information.

I lost hours off of my life this last weekend because of my inferior memory. If I’m honest, it’s also because of my failure to really stop and absorb a simple but poignant piece of writing into my sub-par noggin.

It started… wow. I can’t even remember where. It might have been a quote of the day app on my phone, or a random publication I happened to see. Whatever the case, I glanced (too quickly) at a great quotation. Days later, I was trying to talk about it and I realized that… POOF! It had disappeared.

No problem, I thought arrogantly. I’ll just Google it. Several hours and countless keyword combinations later, I was as empty-handed and empty-headed as when I’d started.

I mentioned this frustration on Facebook and I immediately got a response asking what the quotation was about. I paraphrased (poorly) only to look back moments later to see that my sister had posted the exact quotation! I’m so indebted to her now, not just for saving my temporary sanity.

As a person who makes her living as a word-person, I was struck by just how important an exact wording can be. “Within” isn’t the same as “inside.” No wonder my searches came up empty! I was shamed by my failure to really breathe in the full meaning of the idea. And I learned that my sister’s endearingly nutty tendency to jot down quotes is actually really quite genius. Looks like I’ll be starting a quotation book of my own. And the very first entry, of course, will be…

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What are some quotations that have really moved or amused you? Share them with us here as a comment!


P.S. “Patch grief with proverbs.” &ndash William Shakespeare