Today, September 2, 2010, may seem like just any other day, but take a closer look: 09/02/10… or 90210!

It’s a date! It’s a zip code! It’s a show!

Now, I’m not ashamed (should I be?) to say that I had some good times gathered with pals to watch that silly teen soap “Beverly Hills, 90210.” Every week, we’d stock up on stacks of snacks, we’d pile onto the couch and we’d settle in for a night of delicious guilty pleasure drama, followed of course by a post-show review.

  • We analyzed who would be the better boyfriend, Dylan or Brandon.
  • We discussed with a seriousness that should have been reserved for our real lives whether Dylan belonged with Brenda or Kelly.
  • We pondered the deepest of philosophies, like “Is Brenda a victim or is she really a [b-word]?”

Here’s one of those classic dramatic reveals that fed these obsessive debates!

But hey, I’m not the only one geeking out about this event that won’t come around for another thousand years! (And by then, will zip codes exist? Will “Beverly Hills, 90210” still be in syndication on the chips humans will all have implanted in their brains to watch on-demand shows in 3D?) Larry King talked to the mayor of this universally famous zip code about the non-fictional celebration going on in Beverly Hills today.

Happy 90210 day!


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