Old Job Escape

Deep down, at some point in our professional lives, most of us have had a moment on the job where we’ve wished we could live that famous moment in “Network,” shouting the line “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

Well, if you don’t know Steven Slater by his name, you may know him as the Jet Blue flight attendant who took that moment recently. After being verbally abused by a passenger who was breaking simple runway rules, Slater told off all the flight’s passengers over the plane’s public address system, grabbed a couple of beers and made his final dramatic exit down the bouncy emergency chute.

The story spread fast and far, turning Slater not only into an American working class hero of sorts, but making headlines all over the world. He even inspired a computer generated dramatic reenactment.

YouTube Preview Image

And though he was arrested and still faces criminal charges, it seems his 15 minutes of fame are yet to run out. According to one rumor on TMZ, Slater may soon be slated to host a reality show he can relate to — in which other folks that are fed up with their jobs quit in unusual ways.

This girl Jenny, with her resignation photo series, might have been a contender on that show he may host, if the story hadn’t been a hoax.

Do you ever fantasize about quitting your job? How do you dream of doing it? Tell me some stories!


P.S. Work it! Own it!